“Jeff Ryder spoke at our missions conference when our scheduled speakers had to cancel.  Our church was tremendously blessed by his story of faith and obedience. I cannot recommend him too highly to any body of believers who love the Lord and want to see the world reached for Christ.”

-Mac Bare, Pastor, Dayspring Fellowship Church, Durham, NC


“I’ve known Jeff Ryder for nearly 40 years; his passion is infectious, his knowledge is enlightening, and his example is inspiring.  When Jeff speaks, your church will hear God’s heart beat for people who’ve never heard His Good News.”

-Rod Chaney, Pastor, Sunrise Church, Hillsborough, NC


"With decades of missionary experience, Jeff Ryder is the real deal. Jesus commands Christians to be on mission, and Jeff is an excellent resource to get your church heading in the right direction."

-Alex DiMatteo, Pastor, Oasis Church, El Paso, TX


“Jeff has a pastor's heart for all of God's people.   Not only is he concerned about reaching the lost abroad, he wishes to equip the body of Christ to fulfill this commission as well.   The unique work he is doing will inspire any church member to engage the world around them regardless of their age or maturity!”

-Dan Johnson, Pastor, Mosaic Church, Durham, NC


“As a pastor, it is my passion and obligation to obey the great commission and lead the Lord’s flock to have the same heart. Mission and ministry are not the same thing. Ministry is helping people in need. Missions is taking the gospel to those who do not have it and have not heard it.  Jeff is a true missionary whose 18 years in Papua New Guinea and present ministry with Finding the Few has inspired our people to see the regions beyond and get a heart for the unreached. Do you want your people to be missions minded? Do you want God to call from your church people who will forsake all and follow Christ? Jeff reminds us of what foreign missions is all about and makes us desire to get involved.”

-Nathan Morton, Pastor, North Trident Baptist Church, Summerville, SC

"If you are looking for a way to encourage your body to see the value of Evangelism in your local community and around the world, I would encourage bringing Jeff Ryder to your church.

His missionary and pastoral experience empowered by wise delivery challenges anyone to be mobile for the gospel and helps you see the value of being an "all nations" church.

- Jason Williams, Pastor, Foundation Bible Church, Elizabethtown, NC.

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