Equipping on two levels...

  1. Online Bible courses for Biblical knowledge preparation (School of Missions).
  2. A residential, nine-month training program designed to prepare individuals for cross-cultural ministry. (Missionary Training Program).

Jesus' final command was to "make disciples of all people groups" (Matthew 28:18-20). This charge is for all followers of Christ and includes the entire geographical spectrum; regionally (across the street) and globally (across the oceans). The School of Missions exists to help equip individuals who may not have had formal Bible knowledge training.  This is by providing an increasing number of foundational Bible courses that we feel are the essential basics for the missionary task.

Work at your own pace. Multiple choice quiz questions follow each lecture. Your progress will be monitored. Moderators and mentors are available through the material if you desire. A certificate will be presented to each individual who completes each course.

The courses and quizzes are offered entirely free of charge and enrollment is free as well!

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The Missionary Training Program is a residential, nine-month program located in Southwestern, Pennsylvania.  This purposefully designed training program equips individuals with specific tools for the missionary task.  Using Foundationally Imperative Training topics (F.I.T), students will be exposed to a multitude of essential concepts that will help to thoroughly equip them for cross-cultural service.

This intentionally designed, "no-frills" training environment is a preparatory bridge to the many challenges a future missionary will experience overseas.  The staff at the training center are missionaries themselves so there is no formal charge for the training. But because of the residential format of this program, trainees will share in cost-of-living and some other program expenses (ie. housing, utilities, and course materials).  Grand opening is scheduled for the fall of 2023!

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