Who are we?

FindingtheFew exists to find, challenge, equip and send committed disciples in obedience to the Great Commission mandate of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Find – Intentionally and aggressively seek individuals who are committed to the cause of Christ.

Challenge – Communicate our global responsibility to disciples of Christ and recruit laborers for the harvest.

Equip – In two areas. Foundational Bible teaching to those who desire it and to provide practical training for those pursuing missionary service.

Send – In conjunction with local churches, confidently send forth prepared laborers into the ready, global harvest to establish and/or assist local churches.

What do we do?

With so few who are willing to go, we need to make sure those who are willing have the training they need to succeed for the long haul. The unreached peoples of the world are unreached for a reason. Many of them speak unknown languages and live in regions of the world that are hard to reach and often hostile to the gospel. To reach these people requires some pretty unique skill sets. We want to make acquiring those skills attainable. To acquire such specialized training can be expensive. Most sending organizations require a minimum level of biblical training. We are working to develop solid biblical training courses that we will offering free of charge through our Core Essential Bible Courses.

After a potential missionary has completed the required biblical training needed to be approved to go through a sending agency, they still need specialized training specific to the type of work they will be doing. Our Missionary Training Program (MTP) is designed to give missionaries the training they need in an environment that will challenge them and give them the practical tools they will need to succeed when they get boots on the ground. More often than not, you get what you pay for. Our goal is to offer the best training available for the lowest possible cost to the missionary.