The Significance of the Logo

Like most organizations, Finding the Few’s logo has unique meaning. 
It encapsulates the three significant areas that Finding the Few promotes.


By the Son

The gold triangle signifies the Godhead consisting of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who is the source of our empowerment. The Lord’s influence in each disciple is the difference maker. Knowledge of and growth in the truths of God’s Word is the enabling factor for the resolute, active, harvest-minded disciple.

In the Culture

The shaft of the arrow goes full circle to signify active engagement in the culture. Every disciple’s purpose is to be God’s agent for influence in the world around them. Representing Scriptural positions and engaging others about the gospel is our role.


To the Nations

The tip of the arrow signifies the extent. Jesus’ command about going in Matthew 28:19 was to make disciples of all nations (lit. people groups).  Almost 1900 languages are still without God’s Word available to them.